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New Applications for Adhesive Tapes

Uses adhesive tapes in the design, production, and transportation of its white goods and small appliance because tapes offer better craftsmanship, no stains or residue left on the end product, good chemical resistance, a variety of thicknesses and types for application, design flexibility (they can bond similar and dissimilar surfaces), high strength, multi-functionality (adhesion, insulation, […]

The Effectiveness of Adhesive Tape

No doubt many of you have spent a happy Christmas tearing away layers of wrapping paper to expose some new gadget. But did you stop to spare a thought for the “sticky-back plastic” holding your precious gift paper together? There are a crazy number of adhesive tapes available, and in this article I’d like to […]

The History of Scotch Tape

Scotch tape was invented in 1930 by banjo playing 3M engineer Richard Drew. Scotch tape was the world’s first transparent adhesive tape. Richard Drew also invented the first masking tape in 1925, a two-inch-wide tan paper tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.